Manchester United

The future of Manchester United football club
One of the infamous owners of Manchester United; Malcolm Glazer, has died, and for a man who rarely set foot inside Old Trafford, he has caused a lot of controversy. His taking on the role of the owner of the club, effectively split the fan base in half.
Acquiring large shareholdings in the club, such as those belonging to JP McManus and John Magnier, Glazer was able to take over the club by paying over £700 million and then refinancing the deal effectively meaning that the acquisition had been gained with the club’s own funds. Because of this it is said that Manchester United has gone from being the most wealthy club in the world to one which owes the most amount of money.
Glazer was always seen as a controversial figure especially in the eyes of the Man United fans. There were many instances where hundreds of fans gathered outside Old Trafford in protest. Does his death allow a sign for the club to move upwards from its current depths of past poor performance and regain the old glory it once had or is the focus still on the new manager for that realisation to come to fruition?
Many say it is now down to two of Glazer’s sons, Avram and Joel to fulfil the role of ownership better than their father did, but the future of Manchester United is still clouded with uncertainty.

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