The clients for our mail scanning service have a base in the UK, but may be living permanently or temporarily anywhere in the world. Many of them are ex-pats, as well as people who travel a great deal either for work or pleasure. We also have many busy professionals who use our service. In addition our clients are people move around a great deal or have more than one home. Here are just a few of our testimonials:

Dear PAMS Mailing Service,

I would like to extend my thank you for the Stella services that your company has provided over the last 6 weeks whilst in Australia in December 2014.

All my post was very prompt and emailed to me every day and for the first time in years from returning from holiday, virtually all my 
correspondence has been taken care of through this professional service!

I would thoroughly recommend PAMS mailing service and I have every 
intention of using this service in the near future.



I would like to thank P.A.M.S for the very efficient service provided in handling my mail.

I have recently returned from an extended stay with family abroad, and as an 80 year old lady on my own having my mail dealt with so speedily meant i could deal with anything right away, also knowing that any personal information was safe and secure.

I am very pleased that i have found PAM and i will certainly use the service again.

Mrs M Connell

I am a long-haul airline pilot.  I was fed up of coming home to lots of post – some of it was important and some of it wasn’t.  PA Management Services sends me an email when they have uploaded my post and then I can look at it online wherever in the world I am.  It has made my life much simpler and more organised.

As an ex-pat living in France I needed my UK mail forwarding to me.  This is a great solution as I receive the post quicker than if it had to be posted to France.  It’s so easy for me to access my account and see my mail.

I was moving home and needed someone to forward my post from my previous home.  I started using PA Management Services on a temporary basis.  However, I have found the service so easy that I have continued using them.

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