How It Works

After you register with us, you will be provided with your own unique identifier which will then enable you to choose your own password.

Our PO Box address is then at your disposal for you to begin your mail re-direction. Your mail is then received by us and confidentially scanned into your secure virtual mail box. It may be that you choose to have all your mail redirected to PAMS by way of a Royal Mail redirection service: but better still, you can simply select those who you wish to correspond via ourselves by advising them of your change of address to our PO Box number.

Once we have opened your mail and scanned it onto your password protected personal account via our secure portal; you will receive a message to invite you to log onto your virtual mail box where you will see your post: with an appropriate description to help you identify immediately who it is from. We will also give it an urgency rating, for example ensuring that all bills are rated “urgent”.

After we have sent you an email to let you know that your mail has arrived you will then be given the option of choosing to either have the original mail securely destroyed: or if preferred, we can offer you a safe store facility for delivery at a later date.

Once your mail has been delivered into your secure and confidential virtual mail box  you will then be able to access, at any time of day or night, all of your scanned post . After you have logged on through the secure portal, you will be greeted by a list of all your post collated in date order. The list will include a brief description of each piece of mail, an urgency rating and the date it was uploaded. We also provide a search facility to trace and identify aged post which you have retained within the filing cabinet in your secure mail box

When you look at each piece of mail, you decide what you would like to do with it. You can keep it, archive it or delete it.

We pride ourselves on how quickly we have your mail on our secure portal. It takes less than 24 hours from the moment we receive your mail to the moment you can access it via the portal.