Travel begins in earnest ?

After two years of COVID restrictions being implemented travelling away from home is once more beginning to be at the forefront of our minds, but how easy is it going to be? Well in a nutshell travelling abroad from the UK is not just problematical because of the debris left from COVID but also Brexit. Over the coming weeks we will be posting regular updates from as many different sources as possible in an effort to keep everyone alert on changes and the different experiences encountered by those of us who have travelled already..

The Fifa Voting Scandal

The Fifa Voting Scandal
There has recently been a large media interest in the FIFA World Cup voting system. Beginning with an article published in the Sunday Times which outlined how a vote has greatly increased in both an economic and monetary value, so much so, that Bim Hammam, former president of the Asian Football Confederation, tried to sell his vote ‘under the radar’.

Manchester United

The future of Manchester United football club
One of the infamous owners of Manchester United; Malcolm Glazer, has died, and for a man who rarely set foot inside Old Trafford, he has caused a lot of controversy. His taking on the role of the owner of the club, effectively split the fan base in half.

Too much of a celebrity to pay taxes?

Too much of a celebrity to pay taxes?
It has come to light that many celebrities, including the likes of Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Jimmy Carr have all successfully avoided paying taxes to the government through one scheme or another.
A scheme developed by the company ‘K2’ allowed Jimmy Carr to send his earnings to an offshore bank account, and had the money loaned back to him, cutting his tax right down to just £10,000 per £1 million earned.

Gap Year

Are you thinking of having a gap year?
A gap year is a period of time which students take before carrying on with their studies, normality for university. It is a time for young adults to explore other parts of the world and develop a deeper and better understanding of other cultures and societies.
However, a year is a very long time to be away from home, so there are lots of thinks you must think about before you go on your gap year, such as ideal places to visit, safety precautions and even what to take with you, everything is important when travelling.

Living on a canal boat

There are many beautiful and scenic waterways throughout the UK, and there are a few that wish to travel them all, or even live on a canal. If you are wanting to go travelling for long periods of time, there may be a few things which are holding you back, such as not seeing your family often, or having to return home every so often for your important mail.

Driving in Europe

What you need to know about driving in Europe
When people travel abroad to popular destinations such as Greece, Spain, France and even Germany, they like to be able to travel freely on a day to day basis without having to pay ever increasing taxi fares. There has always been a popular alternative which is to rent a vehicle for the duration of the visit.

Virtual Office

Virtual Offices

A virtual office offers everything that would be included and required for an actual office, but is completely online and can be run by numerous people from lots of different places. Virtual offices are becoming more and more popular with the advancements of technology, they give business owners the ability to work at home but on completely flexible hours, and eliminate the costs of owning and running premises too.


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