Too much of a celebrity to pay taxes?

Too much of a celebrity to pay taxes?
It has come to light that many celebrities, including the likes of Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Jimmy Carr have all successfully avoided paying taxes to the government through one scheme or another.
A scheme developed by the company ‘K2’ allowed Jimmy Carr to send his earnings to an offshore bank account, and had the money loaned back to him, cutting his tax right down to just £10,000 per £1 million earned.
Chris Moyles, a BBC Radio 1 presenter admitted to joining a tax avoidance scheme which would have cost the UK a total of £290 million.
The Blade actor Wesley Snipes served 3 years in prison for his tax avoidance affairs, and a hefty $1.4 million fine was handed out. His tax advisers were also jailed, but Wesley Claimed that he was forced into doing as they said.
Many celebrities have been faced with huge fines in court, some reaching tens of millions of pounds.
Tax avoidance isn’t illegal but tax evasion is – schemes such as ISA’s, pension contributions and EIS schemes all work well as tax avoidance but schemes that offer their own interpretation of the law can be border line tax evasion.

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