Gap Year

Are you thinking of having a gap year?
A gap year is a period of time which students take before carrying on with their studies, normality for university. It is a time for young adults to explore other parts of the world and develop a deeper and better understanding of other cultures and societies.
However, a year is a very long time to be away from home, so there are lots of thinks you must think about before you go on your gap year, such as ideal places to visit, safety precautions and even what to take with you, everything is important when travelling.
Some popular gap year destinations are; Fiji, India, New Zealand and Brazil. Many people volunteer for their gap year and help out in a small village or town trying to better the community, and there are websites and companies where you can find out more information about that. Most students do just want to travel abroad, but still rush into things. We’ve come up with a few essential items to pack and take with you when going on your gap year, if you decide to do so.
1: 2 debit or credit cards, with worldwide ATM’s you should be able to withdraw money wherever you are, but always keep a spare emergency one in case of theft or if you lose it.
2: Travellers’ Cheques or some cash, this is always useful to have, but hide it well.
3: Have the correct permits and visas to allow you to work abroad to earn some extra money, if not you may be left stranded with none.
4: Book a flexible ticket, making sure you can come or go whenever you want with no restrictions.
5: Write the full details of the next of kin in your passport, that way if it is lost then people know where to hand it in, but you should always carry a photocopy while the original is stored safely. 

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