Living on a canal boat

There are many beautiful and scenic waterways throughout the UK, and there are a few that wish to travel them all, or even live on a canal. If you are wanting to go travelling for long periods of time, there may be a few things which are holding you back, such as not seeing your family often, or having to return home every so often for your important mail.

We offer a private and secure system, which requires your mail to be sent to us, and be placed in a completely private and confidential mail scanning box. We scan your mail, and then have it sent to your own secure, online mail box. You then of course have access to this online mailbox from any part of the world, from America to your local canal.

Even if you are travelling away for the whole summer and are worrying about a build up of post behind the door, we are completely flexible and work around you.

We offer you this for only £1 per day, that is £1 to relieve you of the stress and worry of leaving your mail at home while you’re away. £1 to reduce the risk of your identity being stolen from important and personal mail.

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