Driving in Europe

What you need to know about driving in Europe
When people travel abroad to popular destinations such as Greece, Spain, France and even Germany, they like to be able to travel freely on a day to day basis without having to pay ever increasing taxi fares. There has always been a popular alternative which is to rent a vehicle for the duration of the visit.
A rental car has always been an available abroad at reasonably fair prices all that is required is your driving license to get going. You do of course, have to meet certain requirements, such as being 18 in most countries, and you must be able to show photographic ID if necessary. Some old, green style driving licenses may not be accepted nowadays, so it is recommended that you update your license before travelling abroad, just to make sure.
An alternative is to travel abroad with your own car via a ferry or possibly the Channel Tunnel. This is becoming a more popular choice in the past few years due to people wanting the comfort of their own car whilst in a foreign country. However there are some disadvantages, such as the cost of getting your vehicle over, notifying your insurance company, carrying breathalyser kits as well as Hi-vis jackets (and being at a disadvantage with having the steering wheel at the wrong side in certain countries!).
If you are thinking about driving in Europe, either in a rental car or your own, make sure that you meet all the requirements to do so, then you aren’t likely to encounter any problems. 

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