Lost passports

Passports The majority of people under estimate the value of a passport. A passport is more than a little book, it is your key to move from country to country, your identity, your citizenship value. If you lose it, there are certain things you must do in order to protect yourself.
Firstly, you must report that your passport has been lost or stolen to your governmental body, for the UK that is ‘Her Majesty’s Passport Office’ immediately. This helps you stay as safe as possible by reducing the risk of someone using your passport or even worse, using your identity.
If your passport has been stolen, then it is more than likely that someone wishes to use it as their own. This can be very dangerous should unscrupulous people use them to get abroad or to ‘import’ illegal immigrants. A stolen passport can be a very viable asset to be sold on the black market and so it is vital that you let the authorities know.
You should always keep your passport in a safe and secure place, and only carry it with you when necessary. After all, without a passport there is no way you ate able to travel until a replacement arrives but more importantly your identity is at risk of being stolen.

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