Winter Olympics: Sochi

Winter Olympics 2014
We are nearly through our first week of the Winter Olympics, and it is safe to say it has surpassed all expectations. With Britain managing to win it’s first medal in the Women’s Downhill Snowboarding, and Germany with 7 gold medals, and the stand out performance of the Speed Skating has come from the country of Holland.
There have been many complaints made to BBC head office for the rude and disrespectful commentary towards an Australian competitor. The BBC have assured that it was not meant in an offensive manner and the participants have been warned.
Following up speculation from last week, many guests have filed unhappy reports about the accommodation in Sochi, with tacky room design and bad quality furniture. Many people have said that door handles have fallen off and toilet seats have snapped. The Russian government have assured the press that these are small and temporary matters, a small hiccup in the grand scale of the Olympic development.
Russia has still persisted on keeping its rules and regulations on gay laws too, despite a lot of bad press publicity. This is what caused the dispute over Russia being able to host the games in the first place.
All countries are doing very well this year, and Russia’s all out budget on building an unforgettable Olympics seems to be paying off. 

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