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In the UK, there has always been a large interest in travelling on water. There are many people out there who enjoy spending days travelling up and down the rivers and canals in their barges or boats, and enjoying the peace and tranquillity. There are of course problems with travelling on a boat for days, or even living on one, and one of them is post. You can’t have your post given to you in various different places, it just doesn’t work. There is however, a solution to this. PAMS has your mail sent to a private PO Box, which we scan into to your personal online mailbox. This way, you can travel from Newcastle to Manchester to London by boat without having to worry about not getting your post, and: if you are thinking of going away, in the UK or abroad, and are worried about a build up of post behind your door, the risks of which include identity theft, then make sure that you get an account sorted with us as soon as possible. Mail scanning for a £ a day keeps the mail at bay after all!
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