Mail scanning services

mail scanning

In the UK, there has always been a large interest in travelling on water. There are many people out there who enjoy spending days travelling up and down the rivers and canals in their barges or boats, and enjoying the peace and tranquillity. There are of course problems with travelling on a boat for days, or even living on one, and one of them is post. You can’t have your post given to you in various different places, it just doesn’t work. There is however, a solution to this. PAMS has your mail sent to a private PO Box, which we scan into to your personal online mailbox.

Mail scanning services

Can PAMS help you?
We are now half way through our first month of 2014, and it can be guaranteed that someone, somewhere will be struggling with the reams of paperwork involved in running a business. Think of single handily having to look through and organise all mail yourself, it would be a nightmare. Wouldn’t it be great if there were such a service which sorts your business mail for you on priority and importance? Oh wait, there is…

Mail scanning and the digital world

We are all becoming more familiar with technology and how it presents itself via our mobile phone, ipad or other computerised medium but perhaps what we don't familairise ourselves with is perhaps the applications that assist us in using these current day essential tools to their best effect. There is so much being developed that todays market is an ever changing circle of information, advancement in processes and lengthening the boundaries of awareness that most individuals and businesses in todays world demand.

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