Digital mail

Ever thought about digitising your physical mail? Well that is exactly what our mail scanning service does for you. We can make your physical mail available at anytime , anywhere on the web or via your mobile phone: and it is all very secure.
Home communication; it is an essential part of our every day domestic life but how can we manage everything if we are working away from home a lot or maintaining long stressful days at the office and not getting home until late?
By using our mail scanning service you are actually managing the important overflow of necessary paperwork to suit YOUR busy schedule rather than the other way round. The service is simple to use but is safe and secure throughout all stages of the process and all unwanted physical mail is securely destroyed according to your instructions. If you want to retain the hard copy mail then a safe store is available to you at no extra cost. ; providing a safe and secure mail scanning service for both business and domestic clients 

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