Wimbeldon, Holidays and Royal Mail

Wimbledon begins today and for the next two weeks our television news will no doubt be reporting on the "who is who" in lawn tennis, however for me Wimbledon also signified the beginning of our Wakes holidays. The Wakes holiday lasted just for one week but for the whole of that time our small town practically shut down whilst everyone took the opportunity to have time off work and go on holiday. My memories  of travelling down to South Wales for what seemed a never ending journey winding round narrow country roads(usually behind a caravan) with our luggage tied to a roof rack!

Apart from in some small towns and villages the Wakes holiday seem to have disappeared and in their place has become the mad exodus of holiday makers flooding in droves to our airport terminals during the main school summer holidays. All this has become the norm: our way of life, but what about the safety of your home while you are away. Yes, we know to lock all the doors and windows and set alarms cancel the milk delivery: but what about your post?

By redirecting your mail to PAMS you are reducing the risk of having your home targetted by thiefs who see the building up of unopened mail behind your door as a clear indication that your home is empty. Having your mail redirected to PAMS needn't be just for a short time, it can be for as long as you like thereby giving you comfort for when you go away for short breaks, visit family or just be out for the day, whatever the reason or occasion you know that when you are away form home there are no tell tale signs being left behind your letterbox. Reducing the opportunity can reduce the risk and by not displaying your home as an open opportunity means that you are reducing the risk of trouble coming through your door.

For more information on mail redirection services please visit www.iammoving.com and www.royalmail.com

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