How can boat owners benefit from PAMS mail scanning services?

Boating is a past time enjoyed by many throughout the world. If you sail over long periods of time, you may find it nearly impossible to receive your mail. You could let your post pile up, or you could get someone to pick it up for you? But in reality this is not convenient, it’s not practical  and it certainly isn’t secure.

So what is the answer?

Mail Scanning provides the answer. But not just any mail scanning company, PAMS mail scanning service. PAMS is the UK’S most trusted mail scanning service, providing a safe and secure service that delivers your post wherever you are in the world! So whether you are on the  Norfolk Broads or you are boating in the middle of the Atlantic, and you decide that you want to check your post, all you need is an internet connection and access! Simply log on to PAMS online portal and like magic, your mail will be available for you to see!

How does PAMS mail scanning service work?

First of all, you need to be registered with PAMS. Once you have registered with PAMS we will provide you with your own unique identifier and you can decide on your own password. This will enable you to log into PAMS secure mail portal.

After registering with PAMS we provide you with a PO Box address for you to redirect your mail to. We then open your mail and scan it into your secure portal, we give the mail an urgency rating (ideal if you’re waiting for urgent results or that much anticipated letter). We email you to  make you aware that you have mail; then we store your original post, or we will destroy it when you ask us to do so.

So if you’re cruising the world, yachting round the med or taking a slower paced barge tour around the British canals, mail scanning is an ideal way to receive your mail anywhere in the world.