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FCO Notice :Egypt

A number of our clients are around the Middle East and consequently friends and relatives look to travel out there to see them during the main holiday period. Given the recent traumas in Egypt we thought it wise to post the latest Foreign and Commonwealth notice; reprinted in part below , for the benefit of all our readers.
FCO: In view of the continued unrest in Egypt, the FCO recommends against all but essential travel to Egypt except for resorts on the Red Sea in South Sinai and those resorts on the Egyptian mainland in Red Sea governorate.

How can boat owners benefit from PAMS mail scanning services?

Boating is a past time enjoyed by many throughout the world. If you sail over long periods of time, you may find it nearly impossible to receive your mail. You could let your post pile up, or you could get someone to pick it up for you? But in reality this is not convenient, it’s not practical  and it certainly isn’t secure.

So what is the answer?

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