Moving home?

Being an internet based business we at PA Mailing Services always like to see what is going on over the medium of the internet to search for other business services PAMS clients can use which compliment ours.

We have found a fabulous site that does all the work for you by notifying your change of address with no charges! The site is and they are Partnered with the majority of major companies such as Vodaphone, British Gas, talk talk, B.T, N Power and Boots ( loyalty cards) to name but a few.

All you need to do is sign up for a change of address: use our P.O Box number as the new address and then select who it is you would like to notify of this change. The site also provides you with a form for those organisations who still require written confirmation.

Overall it is a compact easy and efficient site for PAMS clients to use whilst they are on the go.

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