Mail Scanning Service: Confidential mail handling

There are many problems todays' world brings: not least protecting ourselves from fraudsters, scams, identity theft. The list is endless and every time we feel we have eliminated one problem area another pops up out of the blue. How can we try to take control of this burdening pressure on our lives? pressure that is in addition to what our employer expects from us or what our family demands. Well we can begin by reducing probabilities: the probability of internet scam can be reduced with good internet security software, identity theft can be reduced by shredding all personal documents or keeping valuable paperwork locked in safe places. But how do we know that it is a good internet security product: how do we know that when our paperwork is taken for shredding that it does in fact gets shredded? It comes down to reputation and trust.

I am the owner of PA Mailing Services but this isn't my only business. I started my own taxation consultancy company in 2001 which was quite a massive step given that i had spent over 24 years working for HM Inspector of Taxes ( now HMRC). I had always been fortunate in my career with the Revenue, i worked with good people, had opportunities afforded me that others didn't: for example the Mobile Advice Unit, Channel 4 Money Spinner programme  small business forums and then working in one of the first integrated Special Compliance Offices dealing with tax evasion and avoidance. The job didn't come along without its stress factors and long hours but i was educated in my job at a time when providing a good service was one of the key features and if that meant taking other aspects on board then that is what you did. Above all what my career with H.M.I.T  taught me was the need at all times to maintain the highest level of confidentiality: yes, having signed the Official Secrets Act one would expect to do just that but even to this day my commitment to provide the best service possible to all my clients is perhaps a proven testament when i can honestly say that each and every client i have on board has been word of mouth recommendation and i have never advertised my services. Something I am immensely proud of.

So why PA Mailing Services? Some of my clients are exceptionally good at keeping all their records in order: by that i mean they don't lose anything. However some; in fact most, are too busy earning their living running their own businesses to become tied up with administration work as well. PA Mailing Services was set up to help those businesses handle paperwork in a safe secure way outside of their office but still  have it available for them to see at any time from wherever they may be. The clients' mail comes in to our offices, is scanned and then an email sent to say it has arrived. Once read the hard copy can be destroyed or securely stored but regardless of whichever option is chosen for the hard copy, the scanned copy is always there in the secure online portal for whenever it is needed in the future. This service has saved so much time when it has come to year end accounts or renewal of insurances to name but a few but moreover it has also saved anxiety, stress and valuable time...something none of us can afford to spend unwisely.

Yes i understand what is required when you need a trusted service, i also understand the need for absolute confidentiality. In fact i probably understand the need to protect paperwork more than most: my 24 years in the Revenue taught me that much! I pride myself on how i run my businesses and the respect i have for my clients knows no boundaries: likewise their continued referrals for my service to others is a clear demonstration of how they feel towards myself and my staff.

Thank you for taking time to read this

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