The Fifa Voting Scandal

The Fifa Voting Scandal
There has recently been a large media interest in the FIFA World Cup voting system. Beginning with an article published in the Sunday Times which outlined how a vote has greatly increased in both an economic and monetary value, so much so, that Bim Hammam, former president of the Asian Football Confederation, tried to sell his vote ‘under the radar’.
It has been reported that Hammam has repeatedly made payments to numerous accounts, rather discreetly from his daughters account, it has been said that these monies have then been used to attempt to buy up support for Qatar’s World Cup Bid.
The controversy widens with links to the Uefa President Michael Platini., (who later resigned from his position because of all the accusations ) including the attempts of trying to unseat Blatter. Platini insisted that Hammam was trying to convince him to become a candidate for the 2011 elections.
Reports also show that Hammam sent extensive amounts of money, amounts exceeding $450,000 before voting on the 2022 World Cup, and a few years ago, he received a further $1.2 million for unknown circumstances.
What is next to happen is still unknown, but reports are not putting matters in a good light for Hammam or any of his associates. 

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