Happy New Year

Christmas is now one of our “yesterday’s”, hope it was a Merry Christmas everyone, but now the days begin to get a little more serious. It will soon be the start of the New Year, 2014 if you can’t remember, and another 365 days of hard work, commitment and of course stress.
Similarly to Christmas, a lot of people seem to enjoy spending New Year abroad, perhaps in New York where it truly is a spectacular event, with thousands of people congregating in Times Square. A mass of people, all strangers choosing to stand beside one another celebrating bringing in the New Year, full of fresh hopes and dreams. We share such precious times with others we don’t know and yet for the rest of the year go about our business blindly ignoring those who we pass on the street. Quite ironic.
Trusting people, sharing time with people: it perhaps has a more profound meaning at this time of year but we must trust and we must spend time with others; and we really should take time out to at least smile at those who we pass by on the street. Let the feel good factor of New Year’s Eve and all those with whom we stand side by side with for that one night: manifest itself throughout the rest of the year. Let us make that one of our resolutions for 2014.
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