Why even celebs can be victims of identity theft

Yesterday (1st October, 2012) former Holby City actor, Jeremy Edwards told BBC news that he had been victim of identity theft. Trying to highlight awareness of the problem Jeremy Edwards told breakfast news of the inconveniences and problems that the crime caused him personally. Recent research suggests that too few people in the UK destroy their documents or change their online passwords - a quarter have been affected by identity theft compared to a European average of 17%.

Jeremy Edwards’s case is just far too common in this country. Jeremy explained what happened, telling the BBC that it took him seven months to even realise that someone had taken a mobile phone contract out in his name (among other things). It only takes one document for someone to take out a mobile phone contract, and most interestingly the contract was  registered to his old address. The contracts and loans taken out in Jeremy’s name, earned him a terrible credit rating and this is what sounded alarm bells when Jeremy changed his mortgage earlier this year.
Jeremy’s message to the public was, be more vigilante and improve your mail security. And this is something here at PAMS we couldn’t agree with more.
Could this have been prevented with the help of PAMS?
Yes. If Jeremy had enlisted the help of PAMS mail scanning services he would have been protected from this kind of crime on numerous levels. With PAMS your mail is redirected to your online account, meaning no mail is sent to your old. When you enlist PAMS mail scanning services you can rest assured that all scanned mail is either stored securely or destroyed securely, which prevents any potential criminal using your documents to commit identity theft!
The crime of identity theft can cause a massive inconvenience to the victim. Using a trusted mail scanning company like PAMS protects your identity and prevents you having to deal with these inconveniences.
- Watch Jeremy Edwards video discussing the impact identity theft had on his life here