Self Assessment and PAMS


We are coming close to the end of the calendar year and that means two very expensive holidays: Christmas and New Year. These two events are costly in themselves but then within the first month of the New Year those of us who are required to submit Self Assessment tax returns by 31st January will not only have the pressure of having their return completed ( if not already done so) by that very definite filing date; but finding the money to pay the “ more than likely tax bill”!


For most people the stress of dealing with HMRC is delegated to accountants but the requirement to maintain records and send this information to your advisors still takes time and can be frustrating when all important documents are missing: potentially compromising the deadline submission date of 31st January. So how can PAMS mail scanning service help?


Our mail scanning service takes away ALL the pressure of keeping your paperwork in different folders within your home or office. By redirecting your postal mail to PAMS we can guarantee that every piece of mail is scanned for your attention and then retained in your own confidential on line mail box: filed under whichever category you consider appropriate.


Why is this of benefit to self assessment taxpayers? Because everything is in the one place and can stay there for the requisite six years (or longer if preferred) as required by HMRC.


You may choose not to have all your mail redirected to PAMS, you may just decide that only a few contacts need use our PO Box number as your address, or, you could have a complete mail redirection via the Post Office. Our mail scanning service is bespoke to your needs and at less than £1 per day it is probably the most economical filing cabinet you will ever use!

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