How second home owners can receive their mail the hassle-free way….

In 2011 the number of second home owners in Britain reached a record high, it was estimated that in the UK 245,384 Brits were second home owners. With so many of us now opting to have second homes, we pose the question - how can second home owners receive their mail?

Second homes provide the opportunity to spend long periods of time away from home. Often many second home owners will spend weeks if not months in one property and not return “home”. Often post becomes lost and neglected due to the long periods of time a property is vacant, this is massively inconvenient and not secure.

So if you are going to spend the summer holidays in the Lake District or if you are going to spend the winter months in Tenerife you will need to figure out how you will handle your post. Traditionally mail forwarding was the obvious solution, but this is a slow process and is often not  cost effective for the average holiday home owner. If you want to receive your post instantly, straight to your computer screen why not opt for a mail scanning service?

A mail scanning service like PAMS will redirect your post to a PO Box address. From here the PAMS team will open your post, scan it onto a secure online portal and make it available for you to view regardless of where you are in the world!

The key factor when considering a mail scanning service is security. The most reputable and secure mail scanning service available in the UK today is PAMS mail scanning service. PAMS staff are all checked by the criminal records bureau, ensuring all your post is in the hands of  rusted professionals. Combine this with the secure online portal that your post will be made available on, you can be sure that your post will not be in danger of getting into the wrong hands!

PAMS mail scanning service provides you with the facility to receive your mail anywhere in the world with an internet connection! With identity fraud on the rise, a mail scanning service should be considered not only for convenience but to prevent fraud!

Why not sign up to PAMS mail scanning today for £29.99 a month or £300 a year (+ VAT)

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