How To Determine If Your Mail Forwarding Company Is Secure?

There are a number of mail scanning and mail forwarding companies, but with security being put into question so much these days, here are a few questions you should ask yourself before you start  using a mail forwarding / scanning service.

Is my privacy protected?

If you decide to use a mail scanning service you need to determine whether or not your privacy is being protected to the extent you think it is. Is your information being shared with a third party? Do only vetted members of staff handle your post? At PAMS we ensure that your privacy is protected at all times.

Is my post secure?

Be sure to know where your post is going, is it going to secure offices? If your post is easily accessible to anybody, you are leaving yourself open to fraud, robbery and identity theft. PAMS holds its clients’ post in secure offices providing maximum security for clients’ post.

Who is handling my post, are they checked by the Criminal Records Bureau?

This is a question you must ask when looking for a mail scanning company. Make sure the company that is handling your post have all been checked by the Criminal Records Bureau. This will demonstrate that the company has carried out a vetting process and is able to employ trustworthy employees.  Every member of staff that works at PAMS mail scanning company receives a CRB check and PAMS even holds a data protection licence to guarantee that added security.

When my post is uploaded to the internet, is it secure?

Cyber-crime is costing the public billions each year. Mail scanning relies heavily on internet security. Is the portal that your post is being uploaded to secure? Can anybody else access your personal account? If your mail scanning company cannot provide guarantees, then you should stay clear. PAMS mail scanning service provide a secure online portal, where only you can access your post.  PAMS has invested heavily in ensuring this level of security.

When choosing your mail scanning company make sure you chose a reputable company like PAMS mail scanning. PAMS offers a trusted, reputable service, with criminal checks and guarantees on security.

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